Morgan Creek plans reboots of Ace Ventura, Young Guns, Major League & more

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Reboot, reboot, everyone loves a reboot. Founded almost thirty years ago, Morgan Creek Productions is responsible for such films as ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES, ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE, THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, TRUE ROMANCE, MAJOR LEAGUE, DEAD RINGERS, YOUNG GUNS, NIGHTBREED, and more, and, due to a recent rebanding, the company now know as Morgan Creek Entertainment Group is looking to exploit their catalogue.

Per Deadline, Morgan Creek has a number of remakes, mostly for television, in various stages of development, such as a YOUNG GUNS TV series and movie, as well as series' for DEAD RINGERS and NIGHTBREED. Also in the works is a relaunch of the ACE VENTURA franchise, which Morgan Creek Entertainment Group president David Robinson stresses will not be a straight remake, but rather a new movie in the spirit of the original.

Obviously, Jim Carrey would be welcomed back to reprise the role of Ace Ventura, should he wish it, but the current concept for the film is for it to serve as "a baton-handing" between Ace and a long-lost son or daughter. A TV series also isn't out of the realm of possibility, as Robinson said that "Because it’s episodic in nature, about a pet detective, it also lends itself to a traditional single-camera series franchise." In regards to YOUNG GUNS, which featured quite a number of up and coming stars, including Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, and Kiefer Sutherland, the plan is to find another group of young stars poised to break out.

Morgan Creek's efforts to mine their library actually began several years ago with THE EXORCIST, a title they acquired from Warner Bros., and the franchise was successfully transformed into a TV series which is currently airing its second season. "We figured it was the best, most recognizable title to go out with," said David Robinson. "We loved the idea behind it and its prospects, domestically and internationally." Morgan Creek is also keen to get the blessings of the original creators for these reboots, and went on to say that Clive Barker has been involved in the pitch for a NIGHTBREED TV series, and that David Cronenberg has been supportive of a re-imagining of DEAD RINGERS.

James G. Robinson, who co-founded the company, had the foresight to secure the underlying rights to all the projects the company produced, which has made this current move possible. "Given the quality of our library, we are in a unique position among independent content-driven companies to take advantage of the many opportunities this new world presents, thanks to the foresight shown by James Robinson over the past 30 years," David Robinson said. It won't all be reboots, remakes, or re-imaginings however, as Morgan Creek is planning on filling half of its slate with original projects. There's certainly potential in many of these projects, but unless they do something quite different, I can't imagine anyone who could fill Jim Carrey's shoes without coming across like a bad impersonation.

Any of these projects spark your interest?

Source: Deadline



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