MovieHotties will be getting its own home, thanks for the memories!

Around 2006, we decided to open a secondary section on the JOBLO MOVIE NETWORK featuring pictures/videos of all the latest hotties in the movie, music and modeling biz. We never thought that the site might actually grow into a massive brand on its own, securing over 130 exclusive interviews with all the latest up and coming ladies in the biz, but also setting up our own photo shoots (with unique movie-related perspectives), over 150,000 followers on Facebook and its own YouTube channel -- which made the biggest gains from any of our YouTube channels from last year and so much more.

Well, the time has come for MOVIEHOTTIES to leave home and grow up on its own at this point. The sheer popularity of that section has led to our decision to "spin off" the site onto its own domain, www.moviehotties.com, so that it can continue to grow and flourish as its own celebrity hotties website, while the JOBLO MOVIE NETWORK continues to focus more on its main strengths, which are movie news, movie reviews, movie posters and movie trailers! (and expect another "big" announcement in the coming weeks about the latter as well).

NOTHING will really change on either site except for the fact that they'll be on separate domains, so if you dug what they were doing on MOVIEHOTTIES before, nothing will change so just update your bookmark to hit the new URL and continue to enjoy the daily articles filled with photo galleries, our hotties of the week section, our popular columns, as well as the HOTTIE CLIPS OF THE DAY, of course, which originally led us to create a MOVIEHOTTIES YouTube channel in the first place.

Both JoBlo.com and MovieHotties.com also got a face-lift on their respective portal pages, but on the whole, most everything remains the same, although we'll be focusing a lot more on videos going forward. Enjoy!

PS: And yes, you don't know how I wanted to use the word "mammaries" instead of "memories" in the headline, I'm still kicking myself... ;)

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