A bunch of Kingsman: The Golden Circle posters unveiled before Comic-Con

Minus a few jokes (especially towards the end), I had a really good time with Matthew Vaughn's KINGSMAN. It was a colorful, fun, and refreshing take on the spy genre, which contrasted with the grim 'n gritty BOURNE-influenced spy fare (even JAMES BOND has been on a bit of a BOURNE kick) we've been getting lately. So I'm looking forward the sequel, which will partly focus on the American version of the Kingsman (ran by Jeff Bridges, with Channing Tatum as one of their agents) called "The Statesmen", which sounds cool.

Anyway, the new film will be making an appearance at Comic-Con (which JoBlo's own Paul Shirey will be attending), and to mark that occasion, they've unveiled a bunch of character posters for the film. You can see them below:

Meanwhile, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE will explode into theaters September 22nd.

Extra Tidbit: In the original graphic novel, the main villain kidnaps Mark Hamill; meanwhile, the film starred Mark Hamill, but he didn't play himself.



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