NBC's Heroes coming back to television in 2015 as a 13-episode miniseries!

Well this came out of nowhere. NBC has announced they are bringing back their television series HEROES for a 13-episode miniseries event. Called HEROES: REBORN, it will air sometime in 2015, and creator Tim Kring will also be back to helm the limited series.

But if you were hoping to see some of your favorite characters again, I have some bad news for you. The new series will follow a new group of people who develop superhuman powers, although NBC Entertainment head Jennifer Salke does say, “we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in."

The first season of HEROES was well received by critics, and the show developed a lot of fans very quickly with it's strong debut season. However, the other seasons didn't receive nearly as amount of acclaim as the first, and many fans were disappointed with the storyline. But there are still a ton of people who love the show, and it has been one of the most lucrative properties in DVD sales for NBC.

I never got into the original series, so this news probably doesn't excite (or annoy) me like it does others. I think if some of the original cast does comes back though that would be a nice treat for fans. But I guess the real question is, are any of you at all interested in HEROES: REBORN?

Source: Deadline



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