Neeson in Vegas

    Liam in Taken

If I was Liam Neeson I'd probably be piling as much work as I can to avoid more than two straight days of down time with nothing to do but reminisce, which is exactly what he seems to be doing these days with all the projects he's been linked or signed on to. That doesn't mean he won't go for interesting and unexpected roles though.

Neeson is attached to indie project THE VIRGIN OF LAS VEGAS with U2 front man Bono on board as producer. 'Cause he can now that the (ugh) Spiderman musical is no more.

According to Variety, the film "affectionately recalls the Irish pop culture phenomenon of show bands. Show bands, which became popular across Ireland before the onslaught of TV, used to play cover songs in the early days of rock 'n' roll and amassed large followings across the country." Neeson will play a washed out drunk signer for such a band who find his way out of the pit while meeting "a mysterious stranger" in Vegas.

It'll be strange to see his as a pathetic old rocker after so memorably putting foot to arse in TAKEN...

Extra Tidbit: Didn't he also play a washed out musician or something in SATISFACTION? Although that was 40 years ago. Ok, 25. 20? Gotta look it up...
Source: Variety



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