Netflix teamed with a pot dispensary for strains based on some of its shows

I think you'll agree with me when I say that there are many ways in which a people can "Netflix and chill." Some like to snuggle up underneath a soft blanket with their partner while gobbling down fistfuls of popcorn and gummi bears. Others like to fix themselves a tall glass of liquor and tuck into a box of chocolates. Hell, there's even a fair portion of the Netflix community that enjoy nothing more than taking a puff from their favorite glasspiece as they rip through the streaming service's comedy and anime sections. However you choose to view the content is up to you. Though for all of those cannabis enthusiasts I'd mentioned, Netlix recently ran a pop-up dispensary in West Hollywood, California, to promote its new series DISJOINTED.

This past weekend, Netflix partnered with the Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS) dispensary to distribute 12 strains of herb based on 10 of its programs: DISJOINTED, LADY DYNAMITE, BOJACK HORSEMAN, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: TEN YEARS LATER, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: THE RETURN, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, GRACE AND FRANKIE, CHELSEA and SANTA CLARITA DIET.

Hold on a minute. Netflix was selling weed? No technically, they did not. According to Jonathan Santoro, executive creative director of Carrot, the outfit behind the pop-up dispensary, the streaming giant's lawyers were all over this event - making certain that Netflix's partnership in the activation was on the up and up. With all of the proper paperwork in place, and the state of California well aware of the clever promotion, the dispensary sold 27 pounds (430 ounces) of Netflix show-themed weed throughout the course of the weekend.

In talking about the event, Santoro had said, “It was essentially a no-brainer to create a pop-up that truly distributed marijuana that we would curate.”

Earlier in the year, Netflix began working side by side with Carrot to curate the varying product's tastes, aromas, and good time vibrations. In a nutshell, Netflix gave Carrot descriptions of feelings for specific shows and began pairing each with a like-minded strain. As an example, indica strains represented shows that were lighter in tone, while sativa-based strains were paired with the more aggressive programs. Carrot also helped to make the pop-up dispensary look and feel like the one featured on DISJOINTED - the new Kathy Bates medical marijuana comedy. Obviously, for legal reasons, neither Netflix or Carrot had ever put hands on any of the products.

Here are the descriptions for each of the strains that were featured at the event:

The Omega Strain
Inspired by: Disjointed
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
An incredibly potent hybrid that brings the best of both worlds to your bong.

Eve’s Bush
Inspired by: Disjointed
Strain: Indica Hybrid
The perfect strain for getting in touch with your inner goddess, or scissoring with your bestie.

Rutherford B. Haze
Inspired by: Disjointed
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
A moving tribute in cannabis to our 19th president, this sativa can help you begin your own personal reconstruction.

Camp Firewood
Inspired by: Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later
Strain: Indica
A very chill indica that’s perfect for late nights around a campfire and taking it higher and higher.

Prickly Muffin
Inspired by: BoJack Horseman
Strain: Indica Hybrid
When you smoke this, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier.

Banana Stand Kush
Inspired by: Arrested Development
Strain: Indica
A fruity indica perfect in a bowl, vaporizer or big yellow joint.

Inspired by: Chelsea
Strain: Sativa
Don’t think of yourself as a stoner. Think of yourself as an advanced botanist.

Peyotea 73
Inspired by: Grace and Frankie
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
Blow a little courage into your mouth with this uplifting sativa hybrid.

Sassafrass OG
Inspired by: Lady Dynamite
Strain: Indica
An indica that won’t self-steam, but WILL give you the power of one thousand pug snorts.

Baka Bile
Inspired by: Santa Clarita Diet
Strain: Indica Hybrid
A cool and easy indica hybrid that’ll really ramp up your appetite.

Poussey Riot
Inspired by: Orange is the New Black
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
A sativa hybrid that’s great for, y’know, like, kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes, and not even wanting to go to sleep.

Moon 13
Inspired by: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return
Strain: Sativa Hybrid
A sativa hybrid from the not-too-distant future that’ll help keep your sanity, no robot friends required.

If you were fortunate enough to stop by the pop-up dispensary this past weekend, please, leave us a comment below and let us know what the experience (and the trees) were like! DISJOINTED is available to stream on Netflix right now.

Extra Tidbit: Got any of the Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return left?
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