New clip and giraffe character poster for Todd Phillips' The Hangover Part III

The Wolfpack is back in business, this time traversing the globe in their debauchery-laden ways, in what is being labeled as the "final" chapter of the "trilogy." Director Todd Phillips is back at the helm, this time working with a new set of writers and a new angle to the film's premise, which looks to have heeded the complaints of repeating the formula in a new setting. I'm a fan of the first two films and can't wait to see these guys get deep into a world of shit once again. The chemistry between Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis sells itself, but including guest stars John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy, as well as returning favorites Heather Graham and Mike Epps, only sweetens the deal.

Today, we have a new TV spot and "character" poster for the film. The spot offers some new footage, which gets Galifianakis' Alan closer to Ceasar and a new pair of pants, while the poster features a very unlikely new co-star, whose fate looks pretty grim according to the trailers.

Here's the spot:

And here's the "character" poster:

THE HANGOVER PART III brings the crazy on May 24, 2013.



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