New green-band trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter gets historical

It would be hard to topple the bloody goodness that was last week's red-band trailer for ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER and although this new green band trailer tries, it's not quite as good.  However, that's not really a bad thing, because it's still a pretty fun trailer, which takes on a more historical tone than any of the previous trailers by using the Gettysburg Address as a backdrop.

Crack open the (non)history book:

I'm looking forward to this, both for Timur Bekmambetov's style and the overall concept set forth by author Seth Grahame-Smith.  I'm not looking for a reinvention of the cinematic wheel, just a good time at the movies, and, thankfully, some R-rated blood and gore.  It's really kind of a miracle that this flick has an R-rating, considering that it's already a big gamble and many audiences have scoffed at the marketing thus far.

Personally, I get the feeling this is not going to bode well at the box office, but will still be a kick ass movie.  It's such a shame, as it's one of the only non-sequel, non-reboot, non-franchise films to come out this summer and I'd like to see more like this and less of the latter. 

Perhaps the absence of GI JOE: RETALIATION from the June calendar will open more doors for the film?  Guess we'll see.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER starts chopping vamps on June 22, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: After seeing what Bekmambetov has done with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter I'd actually prefer him to tackle Seth Grahame-Smith's other languishing historical mash-up, Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies. What say you?
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