New Hulk/Wolvie pics!

In their latest issue, on newsstands this Friday, Empire Magazine has two new stills each from THE INCREDIBLE HULK and X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (is it OK to hate that title?). [UPDATE - Empire Online took one of the WOLVERINE pics offline so there's only one available right now.] Since WOLVERINE really just began filming, the shots are more promotional in nature then from any scene in the film. But for HULK we get a good shot of Ed Norton at the beginning stages of a Hulk Out or at least an hour into watching JUNO. I was hoping WonderCon this past weekend would give us a little more insight into both of these projects but they were absent. I've heard that a teaser for HULK is in the bag and awaiting placement on a film this spring. I've seen a "sizzle reel" trailer for WOLVERINE but as you might expect, it features no footage from the film itself. Anyway, check out the teasers below and click on them to check out the full details from Empire.

Source: Empire Online



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