New Punisher peeps

Director Lexi Alexander has her new vigilante (ROME's Ray Stevenson) and her new villain... which she isn't sharing just yet.

But she does have a few other familiar faces for the next PUNISHER flick (subtitled WAR ZONE, for the moment). New peripheral players include Dash Mihok, who'll play loser NYPD detective Soap, assigned the unenviable task of investigating Frank Castle's violent agenda. You might've seen Mihok in THE THIN RED LINE, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW or KISS KISS BANG BANG, among others.

Also on the trail of Marvel's crime-hater is British actor Colin Salmon, who has appeared in numerous UK productions but is probably best known in the US (sadly) from AvP, RESIDENT EVIL and the Brosnan Bond flicks. Punisher will also be dealing with Doug Hutchison, known for being creepy in THE GREEN MILE and as liver-eating X-FILES villain Eugene Tooms.

So, no major actors yet for the new PUNISHER, which is actually a good sign considering John Travolta just made the last one that much more silly. Let's hope they got the script in order this time.
Extra Tidbit: Mihok and myself have both played Benvolio in versions of Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET. Only one of us did it on the big screen, however.
Source: Lexi Alexander



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