New Shaft reboot will focus on Shaft's "cyber expert" son

So Netflix is producing another SHAFT reboot, almost a two decades after the 2000 reboot starring Samuel L. Jackson in the titular role. However, just as the 2000 film was more sequel than reboot (Jackson was the nephew to the original Shaft, played in all films by Richard Roundtree), so too is this a sequel to the 2000 film, with Jackson reprising his role as that version of Shaft. In fact, Roundtree is expected to return to his iconic role in the upcoming film as well.

We've also already reported that Jesse T. Usher (INDEPENDENCE DAY: INSURGENCE) will be playing Jackson's son in the reboot; however, according to Deadline Usher's role has been described as "a young cyber expert FBI agent who, despite being estranged from his father (Shaft, played by Samuel L. Jackson), is forced to work with him on a case. It becomes a collision between old school and new school."

The article also talks about a new way of distributing what they delicately called "urban" films, which will nonetheless help give these types of films more money, and help get distributed wider. It's a bit "insider baseball", but here are more details on the deal:

Netflix will pay more than half the film’s high $30 million budget, in exchange for international rights and the ability to put the film on its streaming outside the U.S. two weeks after New Line releases theatrically in the United States...The deal, which has been in the works for the past several weeks, can be a useful template for makers of urban-themed or genre fare that normally does most of its theatrical business in the United States. What the deal does in particular for the untitled movie is, it gives director Tim Story more money to make the film than he otherwise would have gotten from New Line.

So are you Schmoes down for another SHAFT film? And if so, you down for his son to be a hacker? Either way, sound off below!

Meanwhile, the new SHAFT reboot will begin shooting this December, though no official release date as of yet. However we'll keep you posted about the baddest motherfu -- I'm only talking about SHAFT!

Extra Tidbit: So what did you guys think of the first SHAFT reboot?
Source: Deadline



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