New stills for Kevin James action-comedy Netflix film about assassins

Okay, brace yourselves. Kevin James will be playing a would-be assassin in a new Netflix action-comedy film TRUE MEMOIRS OF AN INTERNATIONAL ASSASSIN. The synopsis is as follows:

Sam Larson, a mild-mannered would-be author who gets mistaken for a killer-for-hire when his fictional novel about an international assassin is published as a true story.  When the book is a huge success, he is suddenly kidnapped, taken out of the country, and forced into an assassination plot.

And here are a few stills Netflix has sent out to whet our appetite. Bon appétit!

The film also stars Andy Garcia, Zulay Henao, and Rob Riggle and will be directed by Jeff Wadlow (KICK-ASS 2). 

Now I know I feel about this, which is practically nothing. It's a cold feeling, like when you stare at your enemy as the life slowly drains from his eyes. Or, you know, when I think of any Kevin James movie. I know he has his fans, and I can sort of see the appeal, which is fine. Just, for me, I have been pretty lukewarm on everything he's done at best, and at worst he makes PAUL BLART movies and PIXELS.

What about you guys though? Any Kevin James fans? And is there debate about his canon? That debate has to exist, right? This is the goddamn internet! 

TRUE MEMOIRS OF AN INTERNATIONAL ASSASSIN comes out on Netflix November 11th, 2016. 


Extra Tidbit: Kevin James was actually a star athlete in high school.
Source: Netflix



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