New trailer for 3D Phantom Menace combines two things you hate

How many Phantom Menace fans do we have out there? *crickets*

How about ardent supporters of 3D? *more crickets*

That’s what I thought. Though there may be a very, very select few of you excited for the 3D re-release of THE PHANTOM MENACE, I most of us will tell this idea to f*ck right off. I can MAYBE understand 3Ding the original trilogy (although someone tell me how that’s going to look good), but the new one? It might be technologically easier, but is it really a good idea?

I’m very curious to see how THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D will do at the box office. If you loved this movie as a kid, as many kids did, you’ve grown up to realize it was bad. And with all the backlash against 3D recently, I can’t imagine people are going to go out of their way to see a movie they’ve already seen in 3D, which most believe can actually make the film worse some times.

If this re-release fails, it will be tough to figure out whether it’s because people hate THE PHANTOM MENACE or 3D more. I think the original trilogy might find more success, but overall, I don’t think this was a good play on Lucas’ part, even as a quick cash grab.

Oh yeah, here's the trailer:

Extra Tidbit: If reds look green, Darth Maul didn't become a Jedi. It's because this was translated directly from 3D.
Source: JoBlo.com



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