New trailers for AMC's Better Call Saul & House of Cards season 3

Better Caul Saul Bob Odenkirk House of Cards Kevin Spacey

A new extended trailer for AMC's Better Call Saul landed online over the weekend, as well as a new trailer for season three of Netflix's House of Cards. The Better Call Saul trailer is the longest look yet at the Breaking Bad spinoff, and features some great new footage from the upcoming series.

"It's show time, folks!"

I still haven't had a chance to watch House of Cards yet. I know, I know, it's a fantastic show and Kevin Spacey just won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Francis Underwood, but every time I go to start it, my poor, tired brain tells me to relax and watch something a little less serious, like Archer. Perhaps I'll binge watch the whole thing once the third season is released.

"Do you want to know what takes real courage?"

Better Call Saul is set to premiere on AMC on February 8, 2015, and season three of House of Cards will be available on Netflix on February 27, 2015.

Source: AMCNetflix



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