Nic Cage exits and then returns to Joel Schumacher's thriller Trespass

If you missed the news yesterday, it has essentially negated itself already, but...

Nicolas Cage was set to star with Nicole Kidman in TRESPASS, from Cage's 8MM director Joel Schumacher and Millennium Films (who also fronted dough for Cage's WICKER MAN, BAD LIEUTENANT and DRIVE ANGRY).

But then Cage, perhaps caught up in the magic (or box office thud) of THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE, pulled a disappearing act (i.e., a trip to the Bahamas) just two weeks before it was ready to roll, leaving the project twisting in the wind.

Speculation was that Cage was either burned out from global promotion tours or confused about how to tackle the material (he switched characters from victim to villain after initially agreeing to the movie), but he was gone regardless.

But now he's back! Deadline says Cage has returned and the movie is back on track. Dizzying! Oh, that Nic.

The movie centers on a husband and wife (Kidman) taken hostage by a group of thieves led by Cage. Jordana Spiro (of TV's "My Boys") plays Cage's girlfriend (assuming Cage is still playing the same character upon his return).

Extra Tidbit: The movie is unrelated to Walter Hill's 1992 thriller of the same name, which featured Ices T and Cube.



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