Nike did it: Self-lacing Back To The Future Part II Air Mags are coming

We didn't get flying cars and hoverboards still seem like a ways down the line... but when it comes to predictions coming true in 2015 from BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, Nike Air Mags with power laces are right up there on the priority list.

Well, guess what? They actually did it. The sneakers that Marty McFly made legendary on his trip into the future have been made into a reality.

Oh, man... Oh, man... Oh, man... When and where can we all get them? How much are they going to run us? Is the self-drying jacket next? Sorry... it's not as simple as you might have hoped.

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield penned a letter to Michael J. Fox making the announcement on the shoes' creation, laying out the plan for their release.

Hey Michael,

Almost thirty years ago, we embarked on a journey to create a glimpse into “the future.” Although the project started as science fiction, we’re now proud to turn that fiction into fact. As the first, most celebrated wearing of the Nike Air Mag, we wanted you to be the first to receive a living pair. “I meant Nike Mag” (I must have “air” on the brain)!

What is so special about the Nike Air Mag is its impact continues to resonate. We may never know its final legacy, but we continue to work on projects that carry and progress some of its principles.

As you well know, innovation never stops at Nike so we’re excited about what lies ahead for this idea. We know if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

In addition to your personal pair, we’re creating more pairs for support in aid of the Michael J. Fox foundation in 2016. We hope that the combined effort will raise even more than the $9.4 million contributed in 2011 and to eliminating in some way Parkinson’s Disease in our lifetime!

Your Friend,


P.S. If my calculations are correct... your pair should be with you shortly.

Fox is scheduled to appear on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! tonight where he'll be featuring his pair of the shoes, so, if you want to see them in action, I'd suggest tuning in and you'll probably catch a glimpse. Unfortunately, that's probably as close as you're going to get to a pair in your lifetime.

I know we all wish we could score Air Mags for ourselves, but you can't fault Nike for using this opportunity to raise some money for a truly worthy cause. While we all have many selfish bones in our collective bodies asking, "What about me," this seems like one of those times where we have to realize that there is something greater at stake than the satisfaction of our fandom.

Granted, you can bid a few thousand dollars if you have that sort of disposable income around. More power to you. You'll be doing an amazing thing in trying to secure yourself these kicks. But for the rest of us, it doesn't appear meant to be to own them. Oh well... at least we can look back and say they pulled it off though. That has to count for something.

At 8 p.m. tonight though, you could score yourself some socks that look close enough though. I mean, if you really wanted some version of the Air Mags, it's not a bad consolation prize.

Source: Twitter



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