No Homer for Conan

When THE SIMPSONS MOVIE was first announced, I thought to myself, "Self, they better collect some of the finest writers from that show's history to work on the script." That would include a now-famous writer who has his own talk show: Conan O'Brien. I was thrilled to know that Matt Groening and James Brooks did get together past writers to work on the film but today we find out that a certain writer was excluded: Conan O'Brien. Entertainment Weekly spoke to O'Brien who refutes the SIMPSON clan claim that he wouldn't have agreed to work on the film. "[I] told them I was ready to report to work. All I heard back was that they were having trouble finding me a parking space, and then they stopped returning my calls altogether." Sad that they couldn't come to some kind of terms with O'Brien who wrote one of the greatest "Simpsons" episodes of all-time ("Marge vs. the Monorail") who you know would've have had some choice additions to the script. Just knowing Conan would return to "Simpsons" land would be enough to get my ass out of my seat and purchase a ticket posthaste. Oh well, we still have Conan's latest writing project "Andy Barker, PI." Oh wait...

Extra Tidbit: The only other writer who didn't return was Sam Simon who left "The Simpsons" after a bitter contract dispute that still lingers to this day.



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