No Nerverackers?

A few months ago, we heard that Robert Rodriguez was planning an original sci-fi project called NERVERACKERS at his longtime home Dimension.

The movie was initially announced with a release date of April 16, 2010, but as Bloody Disgusting points out, that date seems to be pushed back a bit to Maybe Never.

Rodriguez is already gearing up MACHETE, and producing PREDATORS (and theoretically RED SONJA), so clearly even the generally prolific filmmaker wouldn't be able to squeeze in an ambitious futuristic film on such a tight schedule.

But if rumors of Dimension/WeinsteinCo's instability are to be believed (and given their abject failure at successful releases, the rumors are not unbelievable), that may be more of a contributing factor to this project's disappearance than Double-R's packed slate. The studio seems desperate for a hit (especially since most of their movies seem to just get kicked around the schedule then shuttled off to DVD), and they may be praying HALLOWEEN II or INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS or THE ROAD generates enough income and attention to keep them going.

The NERVERACKERS synopsis: "Set in 2085, the story centers on a character named Joe Tezca who is part of an elite unit dispatched to quell a crimewave in a theoretically perfect future society."

Extra Tidbit: Don't be too surprised if Rodriguez ends up just putting the movie together himself at some point.
Source: B-D



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