No Up teaser on Wall-E

One of the best parts of any Pixar movie (besides the movie itself and the short film) is the teaser trailer for the next Pixar movie. During CARS we saw RATATOUILLE. During RATATOUILLE we saw WALL-E. And during WALL-E we'll see...BOLT? Despite the fact that UP is Pixar's next release (May, 2009), you won't see an UP trailer during WALL-E. Instead you'll get a trailer for BOLT, the rejiggered version of AMERICAN DOG about a pampered TV star dog whose struggling to find his way back home. John Travolta, Miley Cyrus and Susie Essman voice the cast and it's all well and good, but what gives? No reason on why we'll get no UP but considering it will be released earlier than WALL-E was this year, it can't be that the footage isn't ready. The good news is that we will still be getting a new Pixar short entitled "Presto" about a magician's rabbit who's unhappy with his current job. WALL-E hits theaters on June 27.

Source: Pixar



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