Noam Murro set to direct the paraplegic thriller Blink

With his work on 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE raising rumors he may be a contender for directing AQUAMAN, Noam Murro has set his sights on a smaller scale film with a very high concept. The Hollywood Reporter has Murro taking on directing duties on the film BLINK based on a Black List screenplay by Hernany Perla.

BLINK has a pretty intriguing premise that sounds like a thriller version of THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY. Confused? Check out the synopsis.

The story centers on a man was was left fully paralyzed during an infamous, unsolved bank robbery,. He's taken hostage for the secrets in his head, and with only the use of his eyes, he has to outwit his captors and solve the mystery of the heist.

While this almost sounds like something perfect for David Fincher, I can see Murro's visual style working with here. 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE evoked Zack Snyder's style from the first movie while Murro also did nice work on the comic drama SMART PEOPLE with Thomas Haden Church and Dennis Quaid. If filming were to get underway on this year, that would still leave Murro open to helm AQUAMAN if that deal works out.

Now, who would be a good candidate to play the paralyzed main character?



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