One big summer movie had a shot in it directed by Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is one of my favorite people of all time. I even put him ahead of certain family members. From his early short film DEAD RIGHT to his upcoming THE WORLD'S END, everything the guy has done has been absolutely fantastic and (this may sound a little weird) has had a lot of heart. Wright is as big of a geek as most of us (if not bigger) and his passion for different genres and just plain love for comics, video games, etc. shows in his films.

So what film did Edgar Wright direct one shot in? STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, of course.

We don't know which shot he directed (and it's not like when you watch the movie you'll be able to go, "Oh yeah, that's definitely the shot Edgar Wright did) but I'd say there's a 99.99999% chance the shot involved his buddy Simon Pegg. In the grand scheme of things will Wright's contribution to STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS make it better? Of course not but it's still pretty cool and a nice little bit of movie trivia you can use to impress your friends while your waiting in line next week to see the film.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is in IMAX theaters May 15th and everywhere else on May 16th, while Edgar Wright's THE WORLD'S END drunkenly crawls into theaters on August 23rd.

Extra Tidbit: Rory McCann who plays Michael Anderson (the tall guy that only says "Yarp") in HOT FUZZ can be currently seen on HBO's Game of Thrones...as Sandor "The Hound" Clegane. Just figured that out the other day and it blew my mind a little.



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