Paintings of scenes from The Big Lebowski really tie the room together, man

Despite the relaxed attitude of the titular stoner, the Coen Brothers' cult fave THE BIG LEBOWSKI has been shockingly motivational, prompting everything from an annual festival to a store dedicated to Dude-related merchandise.

So why not a series of Lebowski-themed paintings that were inspired by classical artists like Caravaggio, Titian and Jacques-Louis David? That's what artist Joe Forkan has done with "The Lebowski Cycle", currently on display in Orange County, CA.

"In the movie, they play it like it's a drama," Forkan tells the LA Times. "There’s no mugging for the camera. Everything has this level of seriousness. In [David's] the 'Oath of the Horatii' they’re talking about the future of Rome. In the film they’re talking about a rug that got peed on, but they’re as serious about that as the characters in the painting were. I liked that level of drama in these images that were also loaded with humor."

Check out more of Forkan's LEBOWSKI work right HERE, man.

Source: LA Times



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