Patrick Stewart hints he's not yet through with playing Professor X

Hugh Jackman will finally say goodbye to Wolverine/Logan in a matter of weeks with LOGAN, and the world has yet to figure out what to do with itself. Also causing much speculation and worry among fans is what's going to happen to Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. According to the man himself all that concern could easily be for nothing.

While talking with ET Jackman discussed aspects of the character, including his grizzly look, but what was most surprising was Stewart's response to if he will officially hang up his…uh…wheelchair?

Hugh has raised the flag that says goodbye. I haven’t done that yet.

From the sounds of it Stewart is, at least in spirit and commitment, not done with the role of Professor X. He addressed this back in August saying that although he believes LOGAN is “probably the end” of the series for him it’s impossible to say it’s the end in a genre like this. Many fans believe this will be the end for Stewart’s iteration of the character, and are confident he will meet his end. However, the powerful mutant met an explosive end in X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, only for the folks behind DAYS OF FUTURE PAST to say, “[email protected] that noise!”

As for what happens to the character in LOGAN I don’t think this exactly gives things away. If he lives on, great, we could then see him again with no need for explanation. But if he doesn’t die, so what? The character could be brought back in another way in another timeline with Stewart reprising the role. As he said, in this universe it’s impossible to say it’s completely over, and though we could easily never see his Professor X again I think in his heart and mind he will always be ready to get back in chair if asked. Plus, now with that pesky Jackman out of the way he has a shot at top billing. Sneaky, sneaky, Stewart.

LOGAN arrives March 3.

Source: ET



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