Patty Jenkins nearing deal to direct Wonder Woman 2

After the tremendous success of WONDER WOMAN, everyone assumed director Patty Jenkins would return for the sequel. Though WONDER WOMAN 2 was greenlit not too long after the first movie came out Jenkins had yet to officially sign on to direct. However, a new report indicates Jenkins is finally close to finalizing a deal for her return, and word is she will be raking in a historical amount of dough to come back.

Deadline got the scoop that although a sequel was announced earlier this summer – including a release date of December 13, 2019, with Gal Gadot returning – Jenkins has remained in negotiations on her contract, which was soon to be finalized as of last night.  This is because the director expects to be paid much more money for the sequel, and an equivalent amount as a man would get after directing such a massive movie. A source claims the deal should be “reached soon,” and the final agreement would make Jenkins the highest paid female director in history.

Her paycheck should naturally reflect her work, and of this writing, WONDER WOMAN has made $402 million domestically and almost $800 million worldwide. As for reviews, the movie stands as one of the most critically acclaimed superhero movies ever, and word is Warner Bros. is gearing up for a massive Oscar push. What’s more, the success came at a time of serious doubt in WB’s DCEU slate, with movies like BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD earning bad reception shaking faith in the idea future movies would meet expectations.

Regardless of the movie’s box office success Jenkins should still be paid more for her work on the sequel, as it is custom to be paid more for second rounds in the comic book world. The report notes that most freshman directors on a comic book movie have made between $1.5 and $3 million, while those returning for more make substantially higher amounts. For instance, Zack Snyder made about $10 million for MAN OF STEEL, which was not his first comic-book film for WB (having done WATCHMEN and 300).

Jenkins did a tremendous job on WONDER WOMAN, and whatever she wants for the sequel WB better hand it over. She deserves it for delivering such a massive, beloved hit, and hopefully, she hasn't had to twist the studio's arm too much to get a higher payday. I really can't imagine any one else but her taking on these movies now, with her passion for the character and her story a key reason why the movie was so good. Give her a golden yacht, WB. She's earned it!

WONDER WOMAN 2 is set for December 13, 2019.

Source: Deadline



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