Paul Feig defends Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, plus international trailer

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Shortly after the first GHOSTBUSTERS trailer dropped, many were quick to point out that Leslie Jones, an African-American actress, is the only female lead who isn't playing a scientist/researcher, which seems to be bothering some, even though that's kind of how it was in the original movies. Apparently some have been attacking Jones via social media, and yesterday director Paul Feig defended the actress after she tweeted that she's considering quitting Twitter in response to the online criticism she has received about her character.

I really, really despise the term "haters". Although haters are going to hate, too often the word is used to describe a person who simply doesn't like something, or has a different opinion than yours. I want GHOSTBUSTERS to be great, but I just don't care for what I've seen so far. Does that make me a hater? And while I don't have a problem with Jones playing a character that doesn't have a background in science, why does she have to be a stereotypical sassy black woman? Is that still funny? I feel like the comedy will have its moments though, and despite my mixed feelings about the movie in general, I'll be going into it with an open mind.

While we're on the subject of GHOSTBUSTERS, an international trailer has been released for the reboot featuring some previously unseen footage, including more of Chris Hemsworth's character.

GHOSTBUSTERS is due out on July 15, 2016.

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