Peter Jackson walks us through The Hobbit production in an excellent new video

I don't normally have a terribly strong reaction to "behind the scenes" featurettes that are released for various films, as most seem to have them these days. Yeah, it's cool to see how it's all made, but it's not usually terribly impactful.

But with this new production video for THE HOBBIT, it's actually a pretty emotional experience if you're a fan. Peter Jackson walks us through pre-production and a bit of the first day of shooting in this ten minute video, and it really is quite amazing to see.

THE HOBBIT has been through so many struggles over the past few years, it's a miracle that it's finally being made, and to see all these old sets and costumes and even actors like Serkis and McKellen back working with Peter Jackson again, well I daresay it's almost magical.

Check out the video below, and hopefully they'll release more of these behind the scenes segments as production continues.

Extra Tidbit: Love Martin Freeman in this role.
Source: VideoARTStudios



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