Pitch Perfect 3 begins filming; adds Prince protege to the cast

The PITCH PERFECT movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they have their audience, with the sequel making too much money for its own good (even besting MAD MAX in their debut weekend!). So, as is the way of the past, present and future, a third movie is on the way and nothing will change that. If you need further reminder of that here’s Instagram to do the honors.

Star Rebel Wilson took to her account to announce with a silly cast photo that production on the threequel has officially begun, with past cast members Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and more all ready to go:


#PP3 #Bellas Day One Pitches x

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As well, EW has confirmed a late addition to the cast by the name of Andy Allo. The young talent isn’t new to the singing world, having worked closely with the late superstar, Prince, who also collaborated with her on her second album, Superconductor. News is she will be playing Charity in the movie, a member of the group Dew, a group that may or may not pose as some musical threat to the main acapella group. Mystery!

Like I said, the series has its fans, which is cool. The first one wasn’t bad, but the sequel didn’t sit right with me so I may just skip the third one altogether. Audiences may do the same, not because of the quality of the movie, but because it’s coming out on December 22 of this year, one week after the somewhat anticipated STAR WARS EPISODE VIII. I know there’s the whole “alternate content” angle, but come one, there’s no standing up to a Jedi.

PITCH PERFECT 3 arrives December 22.

Source: InstagramEW



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