Please Stan, Stop!

Let's get this out of the way first: Stan Winston in a legend. Nothing he can do now will strip him of his influence on movies. Michael Jackson is the weirdest mothereffer I've ever seen but the dude still did "Thriller" and we can't take that away from him. But man it's still really damn sad to see what Winston is up to these days. I followed behing Stan Winston at the Comic-Con this past year and it was sad that instead of people flocking to pay their respects as he walked by, you heard people chuckling and how awful that SKINWALKERS movie looked. Things might be looking up for Winston though as he just announced a new feature based on the script by exciting new writer Corbin Bernsen. Yes that Corbin Bernsen. The film is ingeniously titled MONSTERS and follows a "burnt out Ivy League professor" and "a sassy English jetsetter" (sigh....) as they wage an epic battle against, well, monsters. Bernsen said in a quote that he was "absolutely thrilled to be working," adding "with Stan and Stan Winton Productions on MONSTERS." So Stan Winston and Corbin Bernsen. And a sassy English jetsetter.

Extra Tidbit: Bernsen recently wrote and directed the thriller DONNA IN DEMAND, which will be "released" later this year.
Source: JoBlo.com



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