Prince of Persia 3D!

[Ed. note: Jenna Busch is at Disney's D23 conference and is filing reports throughout the weekend.]

UPDATE - Despite this news being confirmed at the Disney expo, we just got an email from Disney claiming that PRINCE OF PERSIA will NOT be in 3D. We're working to get to the bottom of this so consider this story developing....

While wandering the floor of Disney's D23 Expo with some reporter buddies of mine, we came across a poster showing Disney Digital 3D's roster. And on that roster? PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME. On-site representatives confirmed that the film will indeed be released in 3D, though it was not shot that way. Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton in all three dimensions. Fancy. Also on the poster was RAPUNZEL, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, CARS 2, NEWT, KING OF THE ELVES, TOY STORY 3 and BEAR AND THE BOW. So, I'm dying to know...are you sick to death of 3D? Did you play the game? And, most importantly, do you wonder why the hell they cast Jake Gyllenhaal? Yeah, me too.

Meanwhile in other 3D news, DreamWorks Animation's Jeffrey Katzenberg told a group of reporters that he has a deal going with Luxotica eyewear to create a line of personal 3D glasses. He said that in the future, he believes everyone will have their own movie glasses like everyone has their own tennis racket. Um...I don't have a tennis racket. Do you?

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