Punisher 2 director is

The boys over at our sister horror site Arrow in the Head have broken the scoop wide open on who's directing THE PUNISHER 2. Early reports surfaced that John Dahl (ROUNDERS) would be directing but Arrow's reporting that Dahl is out and Lexi Alexander is in. Lexi Alexander? Refresh my memory Arrow - didn't she used to work here? No, that was another Lexi. This one was the director of the Elijah Wood soccer drama HOOLIGANS. OK, that wasn't a bad flick, but she's gonna direct THE PUNISHER 2? Not sure I'm digging the choice (Dahl with Thomas Jane would've been pretty damn cool but Dahl confirms his own departure here) but now that Jane has dropped out, this one looks like it could go direct-to-DVD. The studio is currently searching for their new Frank Castle but haven't found anyone just yet. I say bring back Dolph Lundgren and go for a movie that's so bad it's good. It's gonna wind up being bad anyway, why not have some fun with it!

Extra Tidbit: At age 19 Alexander became a world champion kickboxer. I take back what I said - she'd be a great choice! (Please don't kick my ass...)



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