Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood re-teams with Paul Thomas Anderson to score The Master

Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood is amazing. Paul Thomas Anderson is amazing. Their collaborative efforts together then become a mutant hybrid of amazing sauce. So this is great news if you're a fan of either!

P.T.A. fansite Cigarettes & Red Vines caught a tweet from Oliver Weindling - founder of record label Babel - which revealed that the Radiohead guitarist has been working once again with his THERE WILL BE BLOOD director on the score for the eagerly-awaited film THE MASTER:

"Zed-U recorded part of soundtrack for Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead last week. Film (by Paul Thomas Anderson) to appear in 2013."

Zed-U is a British jazz trio on the Babel label.

As for Greenwood, his score from THERE WILL BE BLOOD was one of among many elements that gave that film its unnerving tone and power. A return to the creative and non-traditional playground of Anderson's can only mean good things for THE MASTER, which is currently (and unbelievably!) in post-production.

As a refresher, THE MASTER (a title that will reportedly be changing) follows "a disaffected disciple's relationship with the founder of a new spiritual movement called the Cause... that examines the human need to believe in a Creator."

Anderson's film is still on track for a late 2012 release in America. The tweet's reference to 2013 is likely in regards to international markets.



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