Ralph Fiennes in talks for a 'darkly complex' role in Bond 23

Javier Bardem might be the newest star added to the Bond roster, but now that it's back on track, Mendes' film is attracting a lot of talent.

The latest actor said to be circling the project is Ralph Fiennes, according to the Daily Mail. They say Fiennes isn't normally interesting in being a part of just any action flick (*cough* CLASH OF THE TITANS), but Mendes "revolutionary" vision for BOND 23 got his attention.

Here's what the source has to say about it all:

"It’s the first of a new generation of Bond films, and the ideas Mendes has push the film into darker territory where the characters are modern, mature and challenging."

"The part is one of extreme complexity and only an actor of great ability and dexterity can take it on — and Ralph’s name is top of our list."

This is all very vague, and I'm not even sure if Fiennes is up for a villain or hero role, though I would assume the former. It is interesting to hear this film being talked about as something of a more intelligent evolution of the series, which I definitely think it needs.

Extra Tidbit: I predict after a few films like this, the series will swing back toward camp a little more.
Source: Daily Mail



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