Recut Die Hard trailer reimagines classic as family-friendly Christmas movie

One of the most hilarious and unending debates in all movie lore is whether or not DIE HARD is a Christmas movie. Though most people seem to be in the camp that the movie is indeed a holiday classic, there is a faction of fans out there who will fight you to the death to prove otherwise. While the fight may last centuries and lead to Ragnarok, the movie’s home – 20th Century Fox – has picked a side, and yesterday released a recut trailer reimagining the action classic as a wholesome, whacky Christmas movie that brings to life “the greatest Christmas story ever told.”

Fit with cheerful music and a playful narration, the trailer is done in the style of other holiday flicks like JINGLE ALL THE WAY, ELF and more. Portraying John McClane (Bruce Willis) as a family man who's about to have the wildest night of his life, the trailer pits him against loveable rascal Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) in an adventure that has just as many explosions as it does hearty laughs. At the end comes a brief spot for the 5-movie collection now on 4K Blu-ray with the words “A Christmas movie? Yippie ki yes!” I guess that settles that. 

The movie is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, so there have been a ton of retrospectives out there, but the loudest debate remains over its status as Christmas movie. Whether or not you think DIE HARD is a Christmas movie or not, this recut trailer is incredibly clever and does the best job of selling it as a holiday movie better than any think piece out there. Still, at the end of the day, DIE HARD is just one amazing action movie no matter what, and even Willis went on the record at his Comedy Central roast saying that it’s not a Christmas movie, but “a f**king Bruce Willis movie.” I guess that settles that, too?

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