Richard Donner says The Goonies 2 is a go and may reunite the original cast

Children of the 80s, rejoice! The incredibly belated news that we have been holding out hope for has finally been confirmed! Director Richard Donner says that a sequel to THE GOONIES is now in active development and he hopes to re-assemble the entire original cast!

While I would typically not consider TMZ a reputable source for information, this news comes as a direct quote from Donner as paparazzi inundated him with questions. When directly asked about a sequel to THE GOONIES, Donner said that he himself is making it and hopes to bring everyone back. No word on whether Josh Brolin and Sean Astin will accompany the more likely Corey Feldman back to the Goondocks.

THE GOONIES is a seminal movie for children of the 80s and 90s. The INDIANA JONES-esque adventure tale combined the talents of Donner, screenwriter Chris Columbus, and producer Steven Spielberg to create one of the most lasting movies of all time. Sure, some of it has aged poorly, but the movie is still enjoyable for new audiences even today.

While a sequel to THE GOONIES has been teased for well over twenty years, this is the first time Donner himself has sounded off that it was actually happening. It remains to be seen if Donner will direct the new film or if he will serve as producer only. Donner's last directorial effort was the 2006 Bruce Willis movie 16 BLOCKS.

Source: TMZ



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