Riddick status update

If you're anything like me, then you definitely find lots to enjoy in the Vin Diesel/David Twohy RIDDICK films. They're pulpy and old-fashioned and they have a certain charm to them. I'm especially fond of the video game "Escape from Butcher Bay" they spawned. So if you're a fan, and you've been waiting for any little bit of news on another sequel... well, here's a little bit of news!

Per Vin Diesel's Facebook Fan Page: "The Riddick team is in New Zealand location scouting already... that's exciting."

Just a couple of of status updates below that, Diesel mentions that Twohy has already completed the script for the film. Progress!

But though there appears to be some forward movement on the sci-fi sequel, I wouldn't expect anything official until Universal actually greenlights the thing and tosses these guys some money, neither of which have actually happened yet.
Extra Tidbit: Before anything else, I just wanna say hey to everyone reading this. I'm the new guy here. JoBlo found me drunk in a ditch, Mike Sampson poked me with a stick, and once they got done chiefing me, they finally took mercy on my soul and now here I am, sober-ish, writing about Vin Diesel, and gettin' paid. Viva life! So bear with me as I get used to these new surroundings, and I hope ya'll will enjoy the morsels of news I'll be tossing your way.

SO... much as I like these films, I think it would be nice if Diesel tried to move away from his go-to franchises. Maybe he can't? Doesn't want to? How do you guys feel?
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