Rob Liefeld calls Jeff Wadlow's X-Force movie script "beyond impressive"

X-Force co-creator Rob Liefeld has apparently read Jeff Wadlow's most recent draft of the screenplay for the planned X-Force movie, and he is pretty pleased with it. He took to his Twitter account yesterday, and shared some thoughts on the script for X-FORCE.

Based on Liefeld's tweets, it might seem like Deadpool and Cable will definitely appear in X-FORCE, but we should remember this is still a fairly early draft of the script, and things could always change.

Jeff Wadlow sounded like he had a good handle on the source material when he was talking about X-FORCE a few months ago, and if Rob Liefeld is happy with the script for it, that's got to be a good sign for the film. It's not as if Liefeld would trash the screenplay if he didn't care for it (unlike say, Alan Moore), but fans must be happy to hear all this praise for the script coming from one of the creators of the comics.



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