Comic artist Rob Liefeld shares excerpts of his screenplay Icons and picks his ideal cast for the movie

Rob Liefeld is an icon amongst comic book illustrators, and he came up in the industry with some other icons, such as the iconic Todd McFarlane, and the also-iconic Erik Larsen, and now he's written a screenplay about his iconic career that is fittingly titled COMIC DRAWERS. Okay, I'm kidding; it's called ICONS.

Impressively, Rob "I Don't Just Draw" Liefeld penned the thing in a mere three days, and, even more impressively, the thirteen pages of excerpts that he's released via the folks over at Dream Movie Cast are a damn fine read. Honestly, this isn't fair. If you can draw like Liefeld can draw, you shouldn't be allowed to write this well, too. It's like when Channing Tatum came out and showed everybody that he could also be funny, it's just... cut the rest of us a little slack, okay? 

Along with the excerpts, Liefeld has also released his ideal picks for the film's cast, and they appear to be some truly inspired picks. He likens Todd McFarlane to Christian Bale in THE FIGHTER in his introduction in the screenplay, so it's no surprise that he picked the actor to portray McFarlane in the film, as well. Also in the mix are Chris Pine for Rob, himself, Rob Corddry as Erik Larsen, John Cho as Jim Lee, and Richard Jenkins as Larry Marder.

I'd love to see somebody pick up this project, as the excerpted bits alone have made me want to sit down and see if I can't become a comic book artist myself, so here's hoping that somebody puts up the cash to get this thing made. I do have some doubts about this entire "dream cast" coming onboard, but a few of these big names would certainly help to peak the public's interest in a movie about comic book artists.

Check out the excerpts from ICONS over at Dream Movie Cast here, as well as some more of Liefeld's picks for the cast.

Extra Tidbit: Typing "dream cast" made me a bit nostalgic for the old days of playing my Sega Dreamcast. That system truly perished before its time...



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