Robert Rodriguez to make Fire and Ice after Sin City 2?

Back in 2010, Robert Rodriguez wanted to do a live-action remake of Frank Frazetta's FIRE AND ICE. The director even went as far as acquiring the rights, but has yet to put them to use.

Now it seems that Rodriguez wants to attempt to do the film after he's done with SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR. Rodriguez had this to say, “That’s in the works to go right into after Sin City, Frank Frazetta’s Fire and Ice. We’re almost done with the script, we’ve got it pretty much 70 percent there – I’m really excited about that one.”

The animated film was directed by Ralph Bakshi. The rights actually came from Bakshi, who said he wanted nothing to do with the live-action version of his animated film.

Rodriguez discussed the scheduling for the upcoming project, “I think the timing is going to work out just right and we’ll have a finished script in the next month or so,” he said. “So that we can start lengthier pre-production and we can go right into pre-production – well, we’re actually in pre-production, sort of, or we’ve been doing a lot of the previsualization. But that would be the next thing after Sin City.”

Using the same technology as SIN CITY, Rodriguez is ready to give something good to the fans of Franzetta, "I’m really excited about that. For Frazetta fans, this will be the ultimate tribute to what he did, and inspired so many people. I think it’s going to be pretty powerful when people see it.”

He says it's going to get made, but saying and doing are two different things. I look forward to seeing what he puts together, when he does start putting it together.

Extra Tidbit: You may be familiar with Frazetta's art for Conan the Barbarian.
Source: THR



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