Robin Hood: Origins delayed while Taron Egerton shoots Kingsman sequel

A little under two weeks ago it was announced that the sequel to KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was set to begin production next April despite neither having a script nor a director in place. However, there was one snag at the time as Taron Egerton was attached to play the lead role in Lionsgate's ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, which was set to begin a lengthy production next February. Egerton is contracted for the KINGSMAN sequel, which meant that Matthew Vaughn could exercise his option on the actor and force Lionsgate to either recast the role or push production of ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS back.

With Matthew Vaughn now choosing to exercise his option on Egerton, THR reports that Lionsgate has selected the second option; ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS will wait for Taron Egerton to complete work on the KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel and will likely shoot after KINGSMAN 2 wraps near the end of summer 2016. Bad news for those of you who were wanting that Robin Hood film sooner rather than later, but good news for Taron Egerton as he now finds himself as the lead of two new franchises.

After KINGSMAN and ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, THR reports that Egerton is attached to star in CROOKS COUNTY, an indie crime drama which tells "the true tale of a whistleblower involved in an undercover FBI operation in 1980s Cook County, Illinois, that resulted in the largest number of convictions of government officials in American history."

Source: THR



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