Kingsman sequel aiming to shoot in 2016, but with one possible snag

Matthew Vaughn's highly entertaining KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE was one of the first hits of the year and it made a star of Taron Egerton, so it was only natural that talks of a sequel would soon follow. Per THR, that sequel is set to begin production next April despite neither having a script nor a director in place. Taron Egerton is contracted for the sequel and is expected to return but, owing to Egerton's rising star, there's a possible snag.

Soon after KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE became a success, Taron Egerton was nabbed for the lead role in Lionsgate's ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS which is set to begin a lengthy production next February; now you can begin to see where the problem lies. Production on ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS is obviously further along with THR reporting that Lionsgate is already beginning to reach out to actors to play Robin Hood's Merry Men, but Fox's option with Egerton could mean that his involvement in the KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel could trump ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS.

This all sounds rather grim but fortunately insiders believe that "things will be worked out," which can only be good news for Taron Egerton as he'd find himself at the head of two franchises. If you could only pick one, would you rather see Egerton in a KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE sequel or in ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS?

Source: THR



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