Rogue Nation's Rebecca Ferguson to return for Mission: Impossible 6


With 5 entries in the Tom Cruise spy franchise, audience members may be wondering they could possibly go with a 6th film. I mean, Tom hung out of a freakin' plane! Clearly the man has more shit that he'd like to hang out of, as production on the 6th film will begin in 2016. Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has already confirmed his involvement in the follow-up, marking the first time in the series that a director has returned. In another first, it seems as if the leading lady of the last film will be playing a bit part in the sequel. I'm, of course, referring to the lovely Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust.

Showbizz 411 reports that Ferguson's involvement is a done deal, and that the papers are already signed for her to return. Her character's equal mix of beauty and kick-assery proved to compliment Ethan Hunt in a really exciting way, helping to solidify an already great ensemble cast. Clearly Paramount felt the same way, as she was optioned to return if the need arose. Technically, we've never gotten a straight-up sequel in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise, so I'm excited to see which story threads McQuarrie chooses to continue in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 will begin production in August of 2016.

Source: Showbizz 411



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