Ruined childhood trigger warning: Dan Aykroyd's Ghostbusters cameo revealed

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If you're one of those grown man-babies likely to claim that something new and different has ruined your childhood or forever tainted the memories you once had as a kid, you might want to avert your eyes. Plus, maybe if you're warned now, you can just not look and go on about your day, so we can avoid the complaining you're sure to unleash in tantrum form over 1.5 seconds of footage you're so itching to rage about. 

Dan Aykroyd's GHOSTBUSTERS cameo has been revealed. 

I guess we're moving into SPOILER TERRITORY if you don't want to know anything prior to July or would at least like to maintain any of the film's surprises, so proceed accordingly. 

Aykroyd's appearance had previously had the curtain pulled back on it months ago, revealing that he'd be playing a New York City cab driver. However, the nature of his involvement or any interactions he might be having remained under wraps... until now, as it appears the UK marketing for the film will put his screentime right out there on front street in an attempt to get an in-advance laugh that might lure viewers to the theater.

Ready to take a look?


It's fleeting and harmless, but that won't stop the onslaught of complaints of all the irreparable harm Aykroyd has done in those seconds to the entire existences of some. You know it's coming, even as I tried to push it away. But for those well-reasoned of you that understand it is so quick to barely even register, take some solace in knowing this is the face of those most up in arms about all of this... and you're not in his camp (at least I hope not).

GHOSTBUSTERS opens in theaters on July 15.

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