Rumors say the Schwarzenegger Terminator films are finished

For those of you curious to know if TERMINATOR: GENISYS would ever get a sequel, or if Arnold Schwarzenegger would return to the franchise, the NY Daily News has a Magic 8-Ball that reads, "Not f*cking likely." Not a huge shock given the critical reception of GENISYS (despite a reported $300 million in profits), but the News has sources that say Paramount executives have decided NOT to option the continuing adventures of Arnold and friends. Evidently, another company would have to step up and take the reigns in order for anything to happen in the foreseeable future. Sounds like the franchise as we know it . . . is terminated.

Now, I know what you're thinking; What about the supposed reboot that James Cameron is setting up with Tim Miller in 2019? That's the year Cameron gets those rights back, so when that happens, we'll see if the man can step away from Pandora for 2 minutes to actually work something out. At that point in time, I'd say we'd be hard-pressed to find Arnold back in the role. Still, stranger things have happened. In the meantime, we always have TERMINATOR 2 to look forward to when it's re-released in theaters this year!

Source: NY Daily News



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