Ryan Reynolds condones Deadpool's Valentine's banner plus R-rating details


DEADPOOL is only a month away! How freaking cool is that?!? While the bulk of us will be checking the film out on Friday, February 12th, Valentine's Day is also a popular day to check out a romance flick in theaters. With that in mind, the marketing department behind this one has thrown together a poster that's sure to capture the eyes of some who don't go for the red and black outfit. You can check out the banner above (click to embiggen), but Ryan Reynolds also shared the love on his Instagram account with the following picture and words.

In 32 days, let's cuddle the shit out of each other.

I'm REALLY hoping that there are some naive people out there who fall for that! Also, the MPAA has released details about DEADPOOL's R-rating, citing "strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.” Now if that doesn't get you excited for a DEADPOOL movie, I don't know what will. It's been a hell of an uphill battle getting this thing made and in a month from now, we'll finally get to see the finished product on silver screens. HELL. YEAH.

DEADPOOL opens on February 12th.

Source: Instagram



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