Ryan Reynolds shows off the official suit for the Deadpool movie

While the debate rages on whether or not DEADPOOL will receive the R-rating it most definitely deserves, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to release the first image of the official costume that's going to be used in the film. As fun as that test reel was featuring a CG Deadpool doing what he does best, this cozy little image just sends all sorts of awesome vibes the right way. Reynolds was born to play the role, and now he looks it!


Here's the updated synopsis:

Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, DEADPOOL tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

From the looks of things, it's actually tied into the WOLVERINE: ORIGINS flick! Who knew!?! Either way, Ryan Reynolds has been swearing up and down that this film is going to win over the most diehard Deadpool fans and from everything we've seen, he's 100% correct. Now lock down that R-rating to give us even more to be excited about!

DEADPOOL is scheduled to hit theaters on February 12, 2016.

Source: Twitter



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