Saw IV poster

UPDATE: This is NOT the official poster for the film or anything official from the film. It was just the invitation cover for a SAW 4 event that took place at a restaurant in L.A. (hence the silverware and utensils). All that to say, this is NOT the poster for the film. Sorry about the mistake.

The SAW franchise is like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps—well, you know the rest. SAW 3 is still a fairly recent DVD release and the teaser poster for SAW 4 has already been released, which you can check out BELOW. I gave up on SAW after the second while, since there are way too many movies out there for me to watch than to keep revisiting a horror franchise with yearly installments. But hey, at least SAW is getting the sequel treatment instead of something like CRY_WOLF, right?

Extra Tidbit: Supposedly when director Darren Lynn Bousman showed production art involving a scene with rats to creator James Wan, Wan was disgusted.
Source: Slashfilm



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