Schwarzenegger is casually dangerous in Why We're Killing Gunther image

Pointing a gun at Arnold Schwarzenegger is not an act many would attempt and get away with. The man could take it, flatten it like a cookie and then make you eat it. But the stones on Taran Killam for being brave enough to do it in his new movie, WHY WE’RE KILLING GUNTHER, which just dropped its first image featuring the two having a slight disagreement.

Take a look and pray for Killam:

The action-comedy was written and directed by Killam who stars alongside Schwarzenegger in the movie about assassins trying to kill a rival hitman. Schwarz plays Gunther with Killam playing Blake, and the rest of the cast being filled out by Cobie Smulders, Bobby Moynihan, Kumail Nanjiani and more.

Obviously this is a very bare-bones glimpse at the movie, but in terms of plot it could turn out to be a fun little flick. The Schwarz is a funny guy and it’ll be entertaining to see him send up the genre a bit. I mean, I’d watch him in almost anything, and I was a fan of Killam’s on SNL, so naturally I will be watching this film with much interest. I don’t say that about every movie, so these guys should be flattered.

Source: Cannes



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