Scott Derrickson to direct a TV series adaptation of Snowpiercer

Not since late 2015 have we heard anything about Bong Joon-Ho's SNOWPIERCER receiving an adaptation for TV, and yet, here we are again with news that the planned TNT pilot order has been making moves to assemble the creative forces behind the project. 

Today, we've learned that Hamilton star Daveed Diggs will assume the lead role as Layton Well, a prisoner held captive in the ass-end of the class-divided locomotive that houses the remnants of human civilization. For the series, Layton will eventually be called upon to rattle the prisoner's oppressors by joining a bloody pilgrimage to the front car of the Snowpiercer vehicle.

For the show, Josh Friedman will act as the program's writer and showrunner, with Scott Derrickson (DOCTOR STRANGE) poised to direct the pilot episode.

Without a doubt, Bong Joon Ho's SNOWPIERCER is one of the more bizarre sci-fi action flicks I've seen in quite some time. I remember walking away from it feeling rather confused as to whether I truly enjoyed it or not. Even though the film starred Chris Evans in the lead role, it was Tilda Swinton's Mason character that stole the show for me personally. I could see this working as a TV series, but perhaps one with a limited amount of episodes. That is, unless the writers decide to push beyond the front car and explore the vast wasteland that exists outside the protective walls of the Snowpiercer train.

 Either way, it's just the pilot that's being talked about at the moment, so we'll have to wait and see if the project gets picked up for more episodes and things progress. 

Bong Joon-Ho's SNOWPIERCER is available to watch on Digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray services right now.

Extra Tidbit: Chris Evans had stated a little while ago that he wanted to take a step back from acting once he was through with his commitments so that he could focus on directing. However, despite this he sought out director Joo-ho Bong personally for an audition after hearing about the casting news.
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