Sebastian Stan to play Jeff Gilroy in I, Tonya opposite Margot Robbie

The whole thing with figure skater Tonya Harding getting someone to attack rival Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Winter Olympics is sad and tragic, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from making an edgy dark comedy out of the event. And, honestly, that might be the best route to take. Everything was done so incompetently (at one point the attacker was staking out a place in the wrong city) that everyone seems to have been living in a real-life Coen Brothers movie. You know what they say: tragedy + time = comedy.

Now while the role of Tonya Harding is going to be played by Harley Quinn herself, Margot Robbie, her accomplice ex-husband (or driving force, depending on who you hear) Jeff Gillooly (even his name sounds like a fake movie name) will played by my man Sebastian Stan.

This is great news! I've been following my man Stan since his awesome role in the short-lived (and underloved) NBC series KINGS from the early 2000's. While I feel he's kind of wasted as The Winter Soldier in the MCU (he does a fine job, and The Winter Soldier is cool, but to be fair it's not really an actor's showcase), I'm excited to see what he does with this, as Gilllooly seems like he'll be a fun, interesting character to play. Looking forward to it! 

I, TONYA will ice skate into theaters - hopefully without incident - sometime in 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Tonya Harding and ex-husband Gillooly sold a sextape to Penthouse for $200,000.
Source: Deadline



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