Shinobi is the next video game to get a movie because... ninjas

shinobi, sega

Video games don't exactly have the best track record as far as intellectual properties being adapted to the big screen into feature films. In fact, their history has been downright awful. There is always hope that some studio will eventually strike the right balance between what gamers played and what mainstream audiences will watch, and there are some potential prospects on the horizon that could help turn around perceptions (**cough**ASSASSIN'S CREED**cough**). However, if I had to bet hard-earned cash on a video game title that has the best chance of really finding success, it'd be SHINOBI. 


Because ninjas, man... Simple enough. 

And that's why I'm well on my way to raking in some bank with the news that producer Marc Platt is teaming up with Sega to develop a big screen version of SHINOBI. The premise of the original arcade classic was rather simple - a modern-day ninja goes out to rescue a group of his students who have been kidnapped by terrorists. A ninja beating up terrorists in the world we live in today? Sounds like a blockbuster action pic to me, no problem. 

The game franchise has been around since 1987, and how this is the first time anyone has gotten serious about trying to turn it into a movie is beyond me. But everybody digs ninjas, so it's nice to see someone trying to capitalize on such an under-our-nose idea that we were all so dumb in ignoring all these years. 

Source: Deadline



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